myclimate: Grown are first climate neutral skis

The ETH Zurich spin off organisation myclimate has done a life cycle analysis of Grown skis, proving that Growns are at least 40% less carbon intensive and thus at least 40% better for our climate than comparable high quality construction skis, given they were locally produced too. Most mass skis are produced far away though, giving them a much worse carbon balance, and making Grown skis even better.  Read details and figures on the eco design and the Global Warming Potential of Grown skis.

In addition to their reduced and optimized design, Grown skis are the first carbon neutral skis on the market:  the remaining carbon budget has been offset with climate efficiency measures meeting the Gold Standard, a high quality carbon label.

Grown as a whole company has been analysed too, not only the skis: Grown is the first climate neutral ski company.

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