Grown Newsletter October 2012


Hello skiers out there,

the last days of skiing were only four months ago, and already today we see the first substantial snow dancing in the air, all the way down to the valley floors.

Soon it will be cold enough to build the snow base we love to go out and ski some lines.

For this new coming season 2012/13 we re-designed our skis – they now have a more powerful harder flex, are about 150 grams lighter then last season, feature an allmountain tip rocker, and keep their high torsion.

We developed new triaxial basalt fibres, unique in the ski business, and now use super tough robinia wood for the side walls.

The model OutGrown in three lengths from 170cm to 190cm and dimensions under foot from 96 and 104mm truly is an all mountain high performance tool that lasts long.

Grown skis have been tested tough and skied by professional guides and scientists in the Arctic of Svalbard, in temperatures below -30°C, splashed with icy salt water on traversing frozen fjords. High tech eco skis built tough!

Grown skis are the most eco friendly skis on the market, pioneering sustainable ski design: we are the first publishing a complete environmental and social life cycle analysis of a ski in the scientific Journal of Industrial Ecology, and communicating the carbon footprint of the skis as a comparable figure: 9.88g CO2eq/ccm.

Please view our new online catalogue with details on our skis and the places we ski them.

You can test a Grown ski on one of our ski test events, and you can also contact us anytime asking for another testing opportunity.

Grown skis have also been officially tested, for example in the DSV Planet Snow ski test, published begin of December.

We invite you to enjoy the beauty of nature on SKIS FOR THOSE THINKING AHEAD and buy your ski online or with a selected dealer.

Let’s now enjoy the dancing snow flakes.


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